Instructions for setting up a Facebook account so you can view our Facebook Live recordings on Wednesdays and Sundays in April

Posted by: ELLIE on Mon, Mar 30, 2020:

Setting up a Facebook Account if you don't already have one

Here’s how to join us for our Facebook LIVE on Wednesdays at 6:30 and Sundays at 11:00


First, if you DO NOT have a Facebook account: Go to

On the page, look for “Create a New Account”

Click on the box that says “First Name” and type your First Name.  Click on the box that says “Last Name” and type your Last Name. Click on the box that says, “Mobile Number or Email” and type in either your mobile number or your email address. (Use your mobile number if you use your smart phone to get onto the internet. Use your email address if you use a computer to get on the internet.) Next, think of a password and type it in the box that says New Password. (Write down your password and keep it in a secure location. You will need the password to login to your Facebook account after you have set it up.) Next, type in your Birthday in the appropriate boxes:  Month, Day, Year.  Next, click on the dot beside of your gender:  Male or Female. Then click the “Sign Up” button and you’re done.


**Once you have setup a Facebook account, you can login anytime to Facebook by going to and looking for the Blue Bar at the top of the page:  In the block marked, email or phone, type in the one you used when you setup the account. Then type in the password you wrote down and click “Log in”.

When you are finished on Facebook, you can logout by going back to the Blue Bar at the top of the page where you will see Your Name, Home, Create, etc. Look for the “triangle pointing down” in the Blue Bar and click on it. It will open a drop down box and at the bottom of the dropdown box, you will see “Log Out”. Click on “Log Out” and you will be logged off of Facebook.  To log back on, go back to the instructions at the top of this page.

To go to the Yadkin Valley Baptist Advance page on Facebook:  After you have logged onto Facebook, look at the Blue Bar at the top again.  On the left side of the Blue Bar you will see a long white space with the word “Search” inside it.  Click in the white space and type: Yadkin Valley Baptist Advance   and hit “enter” or click on the magnifying glass on the right side to begin the search. When you see “Yadkin Valley Baptist Advance” and see the picture of Ronnie and Ellie, click on the blue words, Yadkin Valley Baptist Advance, and you will be on the church Facebook page.

You will then see a picture of the church. Under the picture of the church, click “Like” and then click “Follow”.  Once you do this, you will get notifications on your Facebook Page whenever something new is posted on the Yadkin Valley Baptist Advance Facebook Page. To go to “Notifications” on your Facebook Page, look at the Blue Bar at the top again.  There is a “white bell” in the Blue Bar.  If you have notifications, the number of notifications will show up “Red” on top of the White Bell.  Click on the Blue Bell and all your Notifications will appear in a drop down box. You can click on each one and read them all or you can choose which one to read by clicking on it.

Have fun exploring Facebook. There’s lots more to learn, don’t be afraid to try.

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