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Yadkin Valley Baptist Church Yadkin Valley Baptist Church

Photo Gallery: 2008 Youth Rafting Trip Photo Gallery: 2008 Youth Rafting Trip

2008 Youth Rafting Trip
The End
Viewed 1708 times
Whoa Nellie!
Viewed 1807 times
You've got to be kidding!
Viewed 1790 times
I think we're flying!
Viewed 1803 times
Rick and Clint's Crew
Viewed 1811 times
Hang on everyone!
Viewed 1799 times
Don't Panic!
Viewed 1807 times
Steady Now!
Viewed 1786 times
Hang on folks!
Viewed 1797 times
Lee's Crew
Viewed 1805 times
We made it!
Viewed 1930 times
Concentrate! Concentrate!
Viewed 1950 times
Oh yeah! We're groovin!
Viewed 2048 times
This is getting difficult!
Viewed 1937 times
Jamey's Crew
Viewed 1978 times
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